Lifeskills Martial Arts is the premier Bujinkan Ninjutsu dojo in Southern California. We offer a realistic and comprehensive study of self defense for today’s warrior, forged in 2,800 years of samurai tradition. The Nine Schools of the Bujinkan taught here are comprised of six authentic, ancient samurai schools and three secret schools of ninjutsu. These nine systems will teach you traditional Japanese weaponry, striking, joint locks, advanced grappling, pressure point attacks, ground control, rolling, weapon disarmament, and most importantly… the ability to defend yourself or your loved ones from multiple armed attackers.

Never live in the shadow of doubt.



4pm – 8pm Monday - Wednesday
Closed Weekends




16632 Hale Ave
Suite 150, Irvine CA 92606



  • Unarmed Combat

  • Advanced Weaponry

  • Striking & Self Defense

  • Battlefield Jutaijutsu

  • Rolling & Evasion

  • Multiple Attacker Scenarios

  • Gun & Knife Defense

  • World Class Instruction

  • Kid/Teen & Adult Classes