Question & Answer

What’s the difference between Sport Arts, and Martial Arts?

We do not teach Sport Arts at Lifeskills Martial Arts. Sport martial arts have many different things to offer, but there is no substitute for the Art of Living. Sport martial arts prepare you for a single occurrence, a competition, tournament, fight, test, etc. A Complete Martial Arts combines the physical, psychological, and emotional teachings, passed down through quality instructors, and evolves through time. At Lifeskills Martial Arts, we give you the tools to live day-to-day, comfortable with who you are, aware of the world around you, and prepared for everyday stressful situations, ranging from unhealthy relationships, to abusive bosses, to the rare-but damaging-physical assault.

At what age am I too old to begin studying the Art of Living?

Never. Our Art’s survival for over 2,000 Years is a testament to it’s ability to adapt to the physical and mental abilities of it’s students. Available at Lifeskills Martial Arts are special Senior Classes (taught by Roberta Clark, Black Belt, age 79) Call (949) 251-8646 for more information!

Will my personal challenge(s) keep me from a Black Belt, and learning physical, psychological & emotional self-defense?” (See question 2)

NO! The only one who can stop you from learning and growing is you! Lifeskills Martial Arts has taught classes to the Blind, Deaf, injured, Mute, students in Wheelchairs, Children with Autism, ADD, Aspergers Syndrome, and more. It is our firm belief that the Art of Living is adaptable to anyone, in any circumstance. All you need to do is take the first step. Call (949) 251-8646 to schedule your first visit.

How can I progress in the Art of Living, with my busy schedule?

Lifeskills Martial Arts holds Adult classes Monday through Friday, from 6pm to 8pm, and schedules private lessons on Saturdays. We provide instruction 6 Days Each Week! Your responsibility is to prioritize your life. If you miss a class, try and make it up the following week. Life changes everyday, and we know things come up in our lives that we can’t plan for. Enjoy the flexibility of our class schedule, and make the choice to make it work.

What do I need to succeed?

Your Best! Lifeskills Martial Arts teaches a University-Level curriculum to all ages. As part of our Adults’ Program, students will receive manuals, complete with information on Physical, Psychological and Emotional Self-defense… and room for notes! These manuals will help provide you with stepping stones in your studies, sure to lead you Forward. As we all know, every moment you don’t spend learning, you spend forgetting.

What do my children need to succeed?

Their Best! As part of our Children’s Program, students will receive our “Lifeskills Books” program, a series of 18 books, reinforcing Lifeskills. From “Please and Thank you” to “Leadership and Teamwork”, our Lifeskills Books reinforce values and lessons parents dream of for their children; Take our principles outside Lifeskills Martial Arts, into school, home, and beyond. Don’t Settle for anything less than the best.