Training Agreement

Waiver & Acknowledgement


I hereby represent that I am physically and emotionally fit to engage in martial arts, yoga and/or cardio-kickboxing training. I further acknowledge that by entering upon the course of training, I will be exposed to risk of personal injury arising out of possible negligence or unavoidable accident due to the very nature of the physical arts of self-protection.  By signing this agreement, it is my stated intention to knowingly assume the risk and hold Bujinkan Irvine, the training hall, the instructors, and all agents free of liability for any injury sustained as a result of my participation in self-protection, fitness, or yoga training or any related activities.


I shall endeavor to conduct myself at all training session in such a manner as to avoid committing any acts that would willfully cause other training member or instructor to be subjected to danger or possible harm or injury.  If my conduct, actions or statements are determined to be detrimental to Lifeskills Martial Arts Bujinkan Irvine, its members, instructors, or its agents, then I will remove myself and my effects from the training hall and cease and sever all involvement, forfeiting any and all prepaid membership or training fees if requested to terminate my training.

I hereby acknowledge that I will provide, at my own expense, an appropriate training uniform which I wear to all training activities; that I will be required to provide various personal training aids, at my own expense, and I will obtain such training gear when it becomes necessary to my advancement.


I affix my signature to this document to fully acknowledge my active responsibilities in upholding my statements in the above paragraphs.

If you are below the age of 18 please sign the waiver at class with your guardian *
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