Juniors & Teens

(Ages 9-18)


Making the jump in Leadership

What to expect

Lifeskills Martial Arts’ Teen Program is designed to create more than adults.  Give your child the Gift of Leadership.

Watch grades, achievements, and physical fitness soar, as our teens study some of the most challenging aspects of the martial arts. Physically and mentally engaging classes will fill your teen with a sense of accomplishment, self-esteem, and confidence. Give your teen the tools to resist peer-pressure, and set goals in life.

Watch Your Kids

Make winning choices early…
LifeskillsMA Kids know: staying safe is about staying aware! Life is not a spectator sport, and the bad guys never play by the rules. So make winning a choice, every day!

Develop respect, focus & power…
Our Lifeskills Kids Books help reinforce Lifeskills at home, in school, and in life.

Conquer Peer-Pressure with Warriorship…
Stress comes in all shapes & sizes: homework, social challenges, bullies, dating & more. Give your child real-world tools for success.

Price: $125 / Month (Uniform $30 sold separately)