Thank you so much for presenting such an amazing program for our girls.  I have heard nothing but stellar reviews from girls and parents alike.   Holly raved about the class and said she felt much more confident… she is a huge fan.

~Amy R.

I want to thank you for teaching such an important class. I’m so glad Paige took it. She was so proud of herself and really feels empowered. Let’s hope she never has to use it, but she’ll walk with a little more confidence.

~Vicki Q.

I wanted to drop a note to let you know that I’m so happy that I signed up Sunnyjoy for this workshop. She has learned so much already and she is very happy that I made her take the classes! She texted me after the third class to let me know that she couldn’t wait to get home to show me the great techniques she had learned and that she felt so much more confident in protecting herself now. Thanks so much for making this a great workshop and working with Beckman to offer this great class at a reasonable prices to our daughters. I would definitely recommend this workshop to all the parents. Thanks Again,

~Shoreh D.

My children have been taking classes here for 2 years and it has been a 100% positive experience for them. I have observed my kids becoming more confident, calm and mature while in class. It’s really great for them to have such great role-models in their instructors, in addition to the development of my kids’ physical coordination and awareness. My husband and ! also enjoy taking classes here. There are a few different instructors and they are all excellent. Having multiple instructors really helps in being able to see the art from different angles and to benefit from the particular strength/experience of each. Classes have made me feel stronger, physically and mentally. Class is always a good mix of hard work and laughable moments.

~Mindy E.

I LOVE this dojo; they are the best of the best. Everyone is incredibly positive, helpful, and intelligent. Also, It doesn’t matter where you are in life, what excuse you may be telling yourself why you can’t go, no matter how old you are, what disability you may have, you can go here and always be accommodated. Ninjutsu is incredibly pliable and fluid and is able to be taught to everyone. They have great courses for children, as well as adults. There is not enough space in here to write about how incredible this place is, but do yourself a favor and if you have any interest or curiosity, Just call them up and they can explain to you better than anyone what they are. Lifeskills MA Is the best!

~Holly A.

Both my 11 year old son and I train at Life Skills Martial Arts and we love the dojo. Having studied various disciplines of martial arts over the course of many years, I can say the training and instruction at Life Skills Martial Arts is in a class by itself. The teachers are great and genuinely interested in sharing their knowledge, as they encourage you to grow and learn, and the ninjutsu teachings are easily applicable in everyday life situations. I’ve noticed huge improvement in my son’s confidence and increased self-esteem since he started his training there. We could not be happier and highly recommend Life Skills to everyone as “training for life”.

~Alex Guimaraesss

Excellent place to learn. Friendly people with kind hearts that are filled with astonishing knowledge and wisdom. The place has this great relaxed feeling where you feel right at home. In four months I was amazed at how much I had already learned. After joining Lifeskills MA, my life has, honestly, changed completely. Everything seems to be easier and I have more confidence in myself. This place is simply amazing and I recommend everyone to join.

~Fernando Valdez

I really do love Lifeskills Martial Arts or LMA. I’ve studied alot of different styles for over 15 years(I’m a 30 year old male). and this is by far my favorite style I’ve ever studied. I watched alot of videos on YouTube on this particular style and read some books and i really wanted to try it, simply because it looks like it’s easy on your body, but it is very effective with you simply walking. LMA has world-class instructors that have all been to Japan and studied with and/or belt tested in front of the Soke(Grandmaster of the Bujinkan Ninjutsu Art). The main instructor, Chuck Cory, is unbelievable. His background alone, which is on the site, is lenghthy and impressive, and although the other instructors aren’t as decorated, don’t think for a second that they don’t know what they’re doing.Overall, I give this business and home/dojo an A+. Try it out. The 1st lesson is only $20, and if you don’t like it, or didn’t learn anything, you can probably get your money back. I went, and all we did was simply walk around the dojo with the lights off and a blind fold and learned how to walk all over again. Ha! Now i basically have great balance and walk like a cat. Needless to say, I didn’t even mention getting my money back from the 1st lesson. I love this place.

~Jeff Lovell

Thank you so much for inviting me and letting me have the opportunity to tell others about it. I look forward to the next event in June, and look forward in telling others again. I learned a lot as far as ‘life skills’ and ways that you could defend yourself that I didn’t think of before. It was very creative, and I loved being around an atmosphere that has so much ingenuity. I left feeling like a better martial artist, but most importantly a much better person.

After I received my certificate, I told my friends that I wanted to frame it in gold and one of them Ihsan told me “well yeah because their attitudes are gold.” I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way before. I never thought that way about my own certificates I’ve received, or just truly felt like I can be myself

~Simone Peront

“This art has taught me to use my common sense. It has taught me that i have choices in every situation, no matter how bad the problem might be. It has taught me to stay calm and refocus when things get bad. This art has taught me to be a winner.”

~Nancy Nguyen

“During the year and a half-with Lifeskills Martial Arts, Lifeskills Martial Arts has boosted my confidence in myself and my self-awareness.”

~John Watson

“Since taking martial arts, my son has increased his concentration dramatically. His practice of the movements of Taijutsu has so increased his coordination that now it is difficult to decide whether he has natural talent or talent that has been learned naturally.”

~Mr. and Mrs. Yost

“Our daughters, 9 and 6 years of age, have now been practicing at Lifeskills for almost a year. Everything we wanted for them in a program and more has been realized. Their self-esteem, physical skills, and school work have greatly improved during this time. We, as parents, feel confident that we have found the program to ensure that both of our daughters will be able to handle themselves in any situation.”

~The Swifts

“Training at Lifeskills Martial Arts has been a life-changing experience for me. It has allowed me to mature not only physically, but also mentally. It has instilled in me a confidence and mental fortitude that I never knew i had. With the vast knowledge that has been imparted to me, I know that i have gained not only a way of protecting my life, but also a way of living my life.”

~Nam Mai

“I was 64 when i enrolled for the martial arts classes at Lifeskills. The intructors were skilled, supportive, and helpful, with the most amazing result – they gave me a confidence and an awareness of a potential that i never dreamed existed. That realization and support made possible what i would have thought impossible – a Black Belt at the age of 67. And… though it was hard work, I have never had so much fun at a physical activity.”

~Bobby Clark

“A mistake is an opportunity to learn. If you make a mistake, it could be a blessing in disguise that might give you a new opportunity.”

~Marjorie Esguerra, Age 11

“Bujinkan martial arts training has not only helped my son Jack develop a physical skill, but it has also helped him develop his senses. Growing emotionally through martial arts is a gift of self-esteem and empowerment. This helps young people grow with self-awareness and self-control. I’ve seen this growth in my son.”

~Trisha Leuer

“Lifeskills Martial Arts and Bujinkan has given me a safe way to train in a combat effective martial arts, which has positively changed many other aspects of my life.”

~Aldon Frost

“I was afraid to sign my son up due to his comprehension problem. He’s been coming to Lifeskills Martial Arts for nearly two years. He is doing great, has improved and he is always looking forward to getting a new belt and star.”

~Malena Giles

“I cannot say enough good things about the Bujinkan Dojo. Wow! what an amazing bunch of people! My daughter, Kaliya, started there when she was around 6 hears old and has had such a wonderfully positive experience these past 3 years: Learning confidence, conquering her fear of heights, improving her balance and coordination, and making friends with the staff and fellow students. Highly recommended to all pIarents searching for the ideal child-centric dojo for their child(ren). I can’t think of a better place to start a lifetime love affair with Martial Arts!”

~David Lyon

“Every year i take something new away from LMA. this year my self-respect has boosted and my confidence as well.”

~Madeleine Carr

“My boys, Jacob-4 and Justin-6, have been coming to Lifeksills for just over 3 months but in that time i’ve really noticed an increased interest in being physically fit and fetting stronger. The “homework” they are given has really taught them a lot of important personal skills such as good manners and discipline. And most importantly, they seem to be having a lot of fun in the classes and look forward to seeing their friends in class every week.”

~Jenny Eng

“Lifeskills Martial Arts has become the center focus of my life. I have grown so much as a person, thanks to budo and LMA’s instructors have become my surrogate family. Thank you for everything!”

~Rory Todd

“My children enjoy the training and character building that takes place in class; I have seen them become more coordinated in their day to day activities.”

~Dr. La

“Studying the art of taijutsu has helped my to learn a deeper self-awareness and sense of identity through movement. Persevering through movement that at times felt meaningless now seems to have more meaning. Simple and direct, often subtle and highly effective, this art has given me at least a glimpse into if not some small understanding of history, Japanese culture, and body mechanics that many endeavor to learn but few truly understand.”

~Josh England

“I can’t begin to describe how impressed i am with the Martial Arts program at Lifeskills. I have noticed many positive changes in Travis as a result of his training, most notably the concept of perserverance. Prior to taking Martial Arts, Travis would become easily frustrated with trying something new. Now he understands that to do anything well, whether it be tying shoes or catchign a baseball, one must practice.”

~Tia Golden (Travis’ mom)

“Thanks for introducing Brett and I to a new world of experiences. I was personally looking for something new and challenging in my life. Brett and I are very pleased with the art and the high level instruction. The sensitivity and individual attention is superb.”

~Jeff Heller

“Dear Mr. Cory, We just wanted to say thank you to you and the entire Lifeskills staff for all the hard work and time you have invested in Jeremy. Despite his sometimes problematic behavior both in class and out, we feel that the art you are teaching Jeremy and the encouragement you offer make a big difference in his life and in ours. Jeremy is beginning to understand the concept of self-discipline and has begun taking responsibility for his actions. Although the normal course of his development probably also had something to do with this, the “swatting” you have allowed him to do at the dojo has speeded up this process. He now understands that he can earn others’ praise and encouragement by taking an active role in his immediate community/family. He has also done an excellent job of restraining his often rather hot temper recently, and never uses any of the techniques he has learned from you against us. Thank you also for showing confidence in Jeremy by selecting him to be on the demo team. He has expressed his desire to keep working to the best of his ability to attain his goals at Lifeskills Martial Arts. As for me, standing around watching has had an effect on me as well. Just by watching all of you do your work, I have learned important lessons about human interaction. In fact, during a parenting class the other night, one of your techniques occasioned an important insight on my part about the nature of my response to others. The instructor was conducting an exercise about child/parent conflict in which two people faced off, pressing the palms of their hands together. One of the individuals was to push against the other, and the other was to respond in any way s/he wished to. In response to the pushing, I stepped out of the way, as I had seen the children in Jeremy’s classes do. In the process, I came to understand in practice the point of many of your exercises—the need to disengage from the immediate source of conflict. I believe this will make a difference in my parenting and my life. Thank you Again!”

~Robbie Nelson

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